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Chances and Risks of CO2-Management

The Sum of all saving potentials identified through ESolutions GmbH for its clients exceeds 20 million Euro.

We would be happy, if you could profit from our experiences too.

Increase profit & reduce costs!

Despite Emission Trading System

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Companies which have to comply with the European Emissions Trading scheme (ETS) obtain a limited number of CO2-emission allowances (EUAs). According to the amount of emissions stated in the annual verified CO2-emissions report companies have to hand in an equivalent number of emissions allowances. Exceeding allowances can be sold. If a company is short, allowances have to be bought.


In order to optimize cost and chances enterprises do have possibilities in various areas like:

  • permitting
  • production planing
  • taxes
  • sales
  • maintenance
  • CO2-monitoring

Often potentials in these areas are exploited to a little extent, only as this would require detailed knowledge of the CO2-regulations and interdisciplinary teamwork with various departments.


Significant implications were observed in the past:

  • 500k€ additional profit was not realized
  • One installation lost more than 40% of its CO2 allowances
  • A planed acquisition nearly failed, as CO2 allowances were not considered
  • One installation received 25% less CO2 allowances than it could have achieved by exploiting the regulations

On the other side, ESolutions GmbH was able to identify for its clients savings which exceed 10 million €. We are busy working to increase that amount.


Short-Check on the size of possible savings and their financial implications.

Detailed support from analysis to implementation.

Ask for our jump-start check with success based fee.

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Not interested in CO2?

We support you, so that you don't have to consider this topic, any more.

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Many companies have to comply with the Emissions Trading Scheme although they emit little amount of CO2, only. Nevertheless they have significant administrative efforts to manage the duties which include:

  • familiarize with the legal obligations
  • generate applications for allocation of free CO2-emission allowances
  • update monitoring plan & methodology
  • generate emission reports, annually each January/February. A time in which most companies want to concentrate on generating their financial report.
  • monthly CO2-controlling
  • continuous follow up

Often these efforts can be allocated to few installations or little emissions, only.
Wouldn't it be more senseful, if you could spend your time and resources on other topics?

Our Services

Depending on your needs and wishes our services may include:

  • Identification of chances and risks through the current and upcoming CO2-regulations
  • Development and implementation of optimization possibilities
  • Generation of applications for allocations of free CO2-emission allowances
  • communication with the authorities and external verifies
  • updating of monitoring plan & methodology
  • conducting monthly reporting
  • generating anual emission reports and manage its verificaton


  • Cost reduction
  • Identification of cost potentials
  • legal compliance
  • risk minimization
  • up to date information

Please call if you have any questions or ask for a first free consultation

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You are happy with your growth rate?

But did you consider CO2?

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2% growth = 20% short!

Companies which have to comply with the EU Emission Trading System and succesfully grow, are punished! Because the amount of free emission allowances is not increased, generally. Due to this fact, an annual growth rate of 2% since 2000 will cause e.g. for a German installation a shortage of 20% at the end of the second trading period (2012).
For installations in the utility industry this may add up to a shortage of some 40%.

Significant Consequences

EU Emission Allowances do not cost some cents, as at the end of 2007. They are traded at about 20-25€ per ton CO2. Due to this high price many companies can not neglect a shortage in the above mentioned order of magnitude.

Possible Solutions

  • minimize CO2-emission
  • increase allocation of free CO2-emission allowances
  • reduce obligation to hand in CO2-emission allowances
  • minimize cost to purchase CO2-emission allowances


Beside our recommendations to reduce CO2-costs we also communicate the risks which may be linked to different growth scenarios.

If desired, ESolutions may take of over the complete CO2-management from application for free CO2-emission allowances to monthly reporting.

Ask us!

We enjoy to be measured by your success and offer our services on a succes-base.

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